• Adoption of iRep by Territory Managers (TM) was very successful. But, TMs didn’t had visibility to the status/fulfillment of orders as Order fulfillment was done in SAP application.
  • Customer Support team spent considerable time in addressing Order status related questions from TMs.
  • As SAP application was system of records for Customers, manual process of keeping Customer records in sync between Veeva and SAP was very challenging and lead to data error.


  • Built Custom integration between Veeva and SAP for converting Prospects into Customers and registering authorized addresses. As SAP was system of records for Customers, integration also synched changes to Customers and address from SAP to Veeva.
  • Built Custom integration for Orders to automatically push submitted orders from Veeva to SAP. The bi-directional integration also updated orders in Veeva with updated Status information from SAP to Veeva.


  • Real-time visibility into Customer Order status for TMs provided complete view of their Customer, and increased cross sell/up sell opportunities.
  • Customer Service team was relived of addressing Order related queries from TMs, and could focus on serving Customers, thus increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Other business units also leveraged the Flexible and Scalable custom integration, thus eliminating inefficient manual process of transferring data between Veeva and SAP.