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Managed Services

We understand to be effective in business and keep ahead of competition, one has to refine business processes as necessary. We at Vandesys, not only implement Salesforce, we also will become trusted partners for you. We will work with you in Salesforce modifications to meet your changing business needs, and also optimize Salesforce leveraging the latest Salesforce technology. Our experienced Salesforce and Industry experts will provide complete Salesforce support, so that you can focus on your business.


  • Advice on Salesforce’s new functionality and business value for you
  • Manage your Salesforce as per your changing business needs
  • Ensure Security and Compliance
  • Review and fix Salesforce performance

Managed Services Offered


Operational Support

Our Managed Services team will become integrated with your Salesforce administration team, addressing end-user usage related questions to addressing Salesforce enhancement/modification.


Customization Support

Business process may change, which may require you to customize Salesforce. We extend Salesforce and platform to meet your unique needs, at the same time ensuring that all the existing functionality and integrations to 3rd party applications perform efficiently.


Integration Support

Our experience Managed Services team will support integration of 3rd party applications with Salesforce. With expertise in custom integration development on Salesforce platform, as well as various ETL tools, Vandesys will eliminate any technology/process concerns typically what customers go through.

Global Support (24X7)
Extended Business Support (12X5)
Regular Business Support (8X5)

Our team will have initial analysis session – typically conducted through web conference to generally understand your operational processes. At the same time we will conduct health check and assessment of your Salesforce Org for:

  • Overall Performance
  • Customization Analysis
  • Integration Analysis
  • Managed/Unmanaged package application Performance Analysis

After the session and initial analysis, we will recommend appropriate options and comprehensive list of recommendations.

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