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QuickValue Services
QuickValue Services is designed to deliver value off of your investment quickly. To provide flexibility to our customers, this service is classified into packages. These packages are suitable for any size of business focused on rolling-out their most important business process. This service can be used for implementing Professional Edition (PE), Enterprise Edition (EE), or Unlimited Edition (UE).
QuickValue SFA:
QuickValue SFA package is intended for customers who are looking to deploy's flag ship product - Sales Force Automation quickly, but at the same time following the best practices and ensuring that application is scalable as their business grows. This package enables following major features:
Account and Contact Management - Enables you to acquire deep knowledge of every prospect and account, facilitate collaboration, and build and maintain strong lasting customer relationships.
Activity Management - Enables your sales team to organize and work together. Timely follow up is virtually guaranteed, and managers get insight into day-to-day sales activities.
Opportunity Management - Enables tracking opportunity milestone, helps sales team to collaborate, single place to update deal information, record all opportunity related interactions. Improve sales productivity, and pipeline visibility.
Sales Console - Enables you to manage Opportunities and associated Accounts from one screen.
Time to implement: 3 days
QuickValue SFA and MA:
QuickValue SFA and MA, in addition to value provided by QuickValue SFA, also provides Marketing Automation. This resolves the issue of disconnect between Marketing and Sales, and helps to optimize your marketing efforts. This package, in addition to features covered by QuickValue SFA, will also enable your organization to:
Online lead capture - automates lead generation by capturing leads from your website into Salesforce and automatically send a personalized response to customer.
Lead Management - enables you to manage business leads effectively and organize lead routing from marketing to sales.
Campaign Management - Enables marketers in planning spend, manage all initiative and campaigns, and analyze performance and results.
Time to implement: 4 days
QuickValue Premium:
QuickValue Premium in addition to value provided by QuickValue SFA and MA, also includes streamlining your processes using work flows, development of dashboards, and development of a custom object. In addition to features covered in QuickValue SFA and MA, QuickValue Premium also covers:
Record Types (up to 3), and Page layouts [EE, UE]- to address multiple business processes.
Work flow (up to 3) [EE, UE] - enables you to automatically perform business process based on your organization needs.
Custom Object Setup - enables to store information unique to your organization.
Time to implement: 5 days
Deliverables for QuickValue Packages:
All the quick value packages include following deliverables:
BPR session
Configured application
Configuration review
Scenario based training
System administrator Knowledge transfer
QuickValue Comparison Chart:
  QuickValue SFA QuickValue SFA & MA QuickValue Premium
BPR Session 4 hrs 6 hrs 8 hrs
Account and Contact
Yes Yes Yes
Activity Management Yes Yes Yes
Opportunity (Pipeline)
Management/Sales Process
Yes Yes Yes - up to 2 [EE, UE]
Sales Console Yes Yes Yes
Report and Dashboard 3 custom reports, introduction to Dashboard 5 custom reports, 1 Dashboard 8 custom reports, 2 Dashboards
Data Migration Account, Contact from single source Account, Contact form single source Account, Contact, and Activity from single source
End-user Training Web based Web based Web based
System Administrator
Knowledge Transfer
Web based Web based Web based
Online Lead Capture   Yes Yes
Lead Management   Yes Yes
Campaign Management   Yes Yes
Marketing Automation   Yes Yes
Record Types [EE, UE]   Up to 3 Up to 3
Work flow [EE, UE]   Up to 3 Up to 3
Custom Object Setup     Yes
Days to Implement 3 4 5
QuickIntro Verticals:
This 2 hour session is intended to educate customer how the Salesforce pre-configured solution is intended to be used, and highlights the level of customization by comparing it to vanilla Salesforce application. Enamored with this knowledge customer will be able to:
Compare pre-configured solution with their existing business process
What additional customization they need
What custom functionality (pre-configured in vertical) they would like to remove
Estimate effort involved in customizing reports and dashboards
At present this service is available for:
 Financial Services:
Are you struggling with maintaining relationship with customers and accounting value derived through brokers and agents? Then Salesforce has industry leading, user friendly solution for you.  
Wealth Management:
Private banking groups, mass affluent firms, retail brokers, and independent RIA are utilizing Salesforce to manage their client relationship and expand the business.
Media and Communications:
Salesforce Media pre-configured application addresses the day-to-day challenges facing sales organization in print and publishing, digital and interactive, entertainment, advertising, wireless, wire line, cable and satellite.
High Tech:
In an industry characterized by ever-shortening product life cycles and increasingly global marketplaces, Salesforce provides the speed and agility that companies need to stay competitive.
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