• Challenging, inefficient, error prone, manual process to figure out Sales territory and commission.
  • Dynamically manage Account and Product segmentation, and assign Sales records to Sales Rep based on Sales record and Account segmentation.
  • Sales Reps spent considerable time and energy to calculate and track their commissions manually.
  • Technical support team spent considerable time navigating to Case products.


  • Analyzed Account, Product, and Sales Record segmentation. Designed and implemented dynamic segmentation process.
  • Integrated Salesforce with SAP BW to calculate Sales Reps commission based on segmentation.
  • Deployed solution based on custom process for intuitive navigation from Asset to Case to Case Product.
  • Supported deploying of overall solution in North America Region initially then rolled to Rest of the World.


  • Delivered efficient, accurate, dynamic Sales territory assignment based on complex segmentation rules.
  • Automatic assignment and re-assignment of Sales segment provided accurate results in real-time.
  • Increased Sales Reps efficiency, by improving their confidence in Commissions calculated.
  • Technical support teams time to response to cases was reduced by 25% and increased Support team’s adoption.